Thursday, January 19, 2006

Alito confirmation questions-is he musical?

I read an article this morning titled “U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin says no to Alito” by Nathaniel Hernandez. Not a bad article in general, but the fourth paragraph really struck me.

“He [Sen. Dick Durban] also criticized Alito for being guarded at his
confirmation hearings, noting that the New Jersey native would not even clearly
say whether he is a Bruce Springsteen fan.”
This is listed as one of the reasons that Sen. Durban will be voting against Alito’s confirmation.

I can just imagine Durban’s note pad. He writes a big headline at the top: Alito Confirmation Notes. Then under it various things he has noticed. Seems like a Bushie…actually values unborn babies...didn’t reveal music preferences.

I would love to ask Durban what music preferences have to do with the Supreme Court.

I don't blame Alito for not saying whether he was a Bruce Springsteen fan. Imagine if Alito said he wasn’t a Springsteen fan. The democrats might have a field day with that and decide it indicates that Alito hates liberals.

Who knows, maybe Durban is right and musical questions are important in the confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice. In that case, if Durban were running for Supreme Court, I wouldn’t be surprised if his favorite album was “You Just Don’t Get It.”

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