Saturday, February 11, 2006

cheap shots and blameshifting

This headline caught my attention this morning.

"Brownie's Revenge"

The New York Daily News published an article titled, "Brownie's Revenge." Apparently, the recently fired FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) boss, Michael Brown, wants the last word. In the article, Brown claims that the White House had advance warning of the Katrina disaster.

" 'For them to now claim that we didn't have awareness of it, I think, is just
baloney,' Brown told the Senate Homeland Security Committee."

Ironically, Brown himself bungled the handling of the disaster. Michelle Malkin wrote about his mishaps during Katrina, including not preparing for the severity of the disaster and misrepresenting the success of relief efforts.

"Brownie's Revenge" also said, "Two Department of Homeland Security officials testified that numerous conflicting reports came in about levee breaches and that Brown was withholding information."

Brown's words yesterday seem to be a cheap shot at the Bush administration, a last minute attempt to redeem his own failures.

A Societal Drift

In regards to Brown attempting to shift blame, I am beginning to see a common link. Coretta Scott King's funeral should have been a day to respect and honor, but turned into a pulpit where the Democrats threw out several cheap shots at Bush. Not only am I disgusted at this display of childishness, but I now have an even greater respect for Bush, who acted like a gentlemen and a real man.

What I see, the common link, is a lack of willingness to take responsibility. Brown doesn't want to take responsibility for his own mistakes. The Democrats want to blame Bush and his administration for every bad or uncomfortable thing that happens in America.

The feminists fight for abortion to avoid taking responsibility for immoral behavior. Lawsuits such as blaming McDonalds for a weight problem drive licensing and insurance fees up, while relieving the public of responsibility.

It takes humility to be willing to accept blame for a mistake and face the consequences. It takes real men and women to accept responsibility for their actions.

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TheGreatestManAlive said...

As a first time reader of your blog, I wanted to give a quick note on this one. I recently worked for a law firm that helped prepare Brown's statements in regards to the Katrina issue. As part of accepting him as a client, I had to do the research on the situation to prove that we weren't backing the wrong guy. While no longer with the firm due to pursuing certain educational opportunities, I will say that the office had no problems accepting Brown as his statements all proved clearly true. Most of all, he didn't shift blame, he accepted his part and noted that of others.