Thursday, March 02, 2006

Regenerate Our Culture

Regenerate Our Culture (ROC) is a brand new organization, dedicated to bringing Christianity back to America. ROC’s leaders include Alex King, Kristin Braun, Jake Smith, and Tim Sweetman. Alex and Brett Harris are serving as launch sponsors for Regenerate Our Culture.

What’s the point?
ROC exists for the purpose of regenerating American culture in the areas of politics, religion, and life. Christians bloggers can team up and have a greater impact on the culture.

What’s the plan?

ROC’s plan includes a web magazine, to be published the 1st and 15th of every month, as well as creating a Christian blog network.

What can I do?
You can visit Regenerate Our Culture now, and when it launches on March 15th. You can also become a launch sponsor.

1 comment:

Matt Pitchford said...

Sounds like an excellent program. Alex and Brett's conference tour is sold out ... I think they are working on a bit of regeneration themselves.

It really is a responsibility of all Christian youth to get involved in combating and defining the culture ... organizations such as this are a great way to get going. Thanks for the wake up call in this post and throughout the blog!

-Matt :)