Friday, June 23, 2006


30.00. It must be a special day. And that number will mean something in a moment.

At the crack of dawn this morning, I hauled myself out of bed and got ready for work. (4:45 a.m.) I always hate buying gas now for a multitude of reasons.

One, the outrageous prices. It’s practically an occasion for gnashing one's teeth. Two, I always have to do it at an inconvenient time. Sometimes I think, Oh I’ll buy gas after work. Fat chance. When I get home around 4 pm, I’ve already sat through some traffic, and I know there’s a line at the gas station. So then I think, Oh I’ll buy gas before work. Big fat chance. At 5:20 a.m., I totally don’t feel like standing outside in the cold for five minutes paying an exorbitant price for gas.

I put off buying gas for yet another day, and then one day realize that my tank is empty, so I’m forced to purchase gas at another inconvenient time so I’m late for work.

But, that doesn't have much to do with 30.00.

Today, I knew I had to buy gas, and I even left enough time to do so. Not only that, but as I drove up to the gas station, the sign read $2.89 for unleaded. Cheap! I could have danced for joy.

Not only that, but the gas gauge stopped exactly at $30.00. What are the odds of that? I survived my gas adventure and the sun shines in full glory. It’s going to be a good day.


Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

I am glad it worked out conveniently for you! Your gas is more expensive than ours is. The average over here is about $2.63.

Wholesome Works said...

$2.89 a gallon is cheap for your area!? Well, I won't complain about the gas prices around here.

That picture is almost true though. :)