Saturday, June 24, 2006

Found: WMDs

For months, war protestors have been shouting, "No WMDs!" The Left has relentlessly harassed President Bush for lying about their existence and using that as a ploy to bring the US to Iraq.

Fox News reported Thursday that a declassified report from the National Ground Intelligence Center revealed that since 2003, the US has uncovered over 500 WMDs.

Admittedly, I have felt doubtful about the presence of WMDs, but not about President Bush's intentions for the War on Terror. In light of what I've learned, I have renewed trust in our president.

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Orange_Cross said...

What do you think Jesus Christ's take on the war on terror would be?

I don't believe he would bear arms against them. Not that I would follow his example, because I don't have enough faith that it would succeed. I believe he would have spoke his mind, been compassionate, doing no harm,and embodied selfless love. I don't believe that is a superhuman virtue, but it is a miracle.

How is it that deposing Saddam and encouraging a power vacuum and taking away hundreds of thousands of people's livelihoods, such that terrorists fill the void and harness a multitude of confused desperate Iraqi patriots to oppose us, end terror?