Monday, December 05, 2005

the 'duh' factor

With the upcoming release on December 9th of film version of C.S. Lewis' fairytale, The Chronicles of Narnia, the media has a whole new topic to discuss. What surprised me, and probably shouldn't have, was the sheer ignorance in print.

Muswell Hill Journal's article "Thrown in at the Deep End", says,
"And interpretations of the book can be somewhat controversial. Some see the book as a barely disguised Christian parable - with brave lion Aslan cast as Jesus who dies but returns to help save the kingdom. When the film's climatic battle is over, Aslan is heard to say "It is finished" - Jesus's final words on the cross. So does Adamson worry that the film may be hijacked by certain religious groups?"

You think? Don't worry about the film being hijacked by certain religious groups, the book itself has already been hijacked. I didn't realize that the book was so hard to interpret; after all, it is a children's book.

MSNBC's article, "Disney quietly touts ‘Narnia's’ religious side", states,
"While refusing to call it a religious movie, Disney is using the same company that promoted Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” to publicize “Narnia” through churches across the country. The goal is to create the perfect Christmas blockbuster, appealing to both secular and religious audiences."

Who is Disney afraid of? Are they afraid that an allegory of Jesus Christ's sacrifice might be more offensive than the sexual undertones in their animated films?

I've read several articles than either indicated that C.S. Lewis intended for the story to be an allegory of Christ's sacrifice, or that Lewis didn't intend that. Here's where I think the 'duh' factor applies.

We have a Christian man, C.S. Lewis. He wrote many Christian books, and he writes an entire series of children's novels. The Chronicles of Narnia just so happens to talk about Aslan, who appears as the omnipotent being of the story, and Aslan is sacrificed for another's crime. Could this possibly be the story of Jesus?


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