Tuesday, December 06, 2005

empty lives

It hasn’t escaped the media’s notice that The Chronicles of Narnia movie has a moral message. Not only a moral message, but :gasp: a Christian message. The Chronicles of Narnia follows the lead of three The Lord of the Rings films produced by Peter Jackson. Highly successful, LOTR paved the way for another film: The Chronicles of Narnia.

I believe that the success of LOTR and expected success of The Chronicles of Narnia points to growing dissatisfaction with content empty films. The media produces movie after movie with a poor plotline, no real message, and no real redemption. Is it possible that Americans are tiring of that emptiness?

A movie devoid of redemption and good triumphing over evil, and soaked in sexual innuendo and foul language, only serves to remind Americans of their own empty lives. It serves to remind them of the immoral world they live in, and of their own hopeless lives.

What does LOTR have that other movies lack? For starters, a solid plotline. In addition, it has real heroes, who value doing the right thing over the easy thing. The biggest thing that LOTR has is true redemption. Our brave heroes save the day, and evil is crushed.

This type of story appeals to people because life with Christ is a life with hope. A brave hero (Christ) saves the day. Death loses its power with Christ’s sacrifice. Bottom line: life with Christ is full of meaning, not emptiness.

For those Americans who live their whole life with emptiness and dissatisfaction, they may find a film that has true meaning to be relieving, and perhaps, enlightening.

Sometimes taking a step back from the truth you know can make you appreciate its true value. If I find myself amazed at what Aslan did for Edmond, then I can be truly amazed at what Christ has done for me.

And maybe, someone who doesn’t know Christ will say, “I wish someone like Aslan really existed.” I can tell them, “He does! Jesus lives today.”


Lindsey said...

Hello! I just found your blog today! I'm Lindsey from Daughter of the King. :) Your blog looks wonderful!

LOTR and Narnia happen to be two of my all-time favorite books... and now, movies too. I loved Narnaia when I was little, and pretended that my closet was a doorway into it. :) Needless to say, I still love Narnia, though I'm afraid I don't walk into my closet hoping to enter Narnia anymore...lol! As for LOTR...well, lets just say that last year I learned Elvish- so, yeah, I guess you could say I'm a fan. ;)

I read some reviews on Narnia, and was surprised that many people were really ticked off about the Christian allegory. I think it was a great family movie that generates discusssions about Jesus. Even in our own house, my two little sisters (one of whom is five years old) started talking to me about why Aslan had to die, etc. It was great. :) Then, to make it better, my other little sister (nine years old) began to take interest in reading the books- which delighted me, of course. :)

Hmm, this comment is getting very long...sorry about that! :)


the traveler said...

Hi Lindsey,

Thanks for visiting. I've also found your blog very interesting and a good refresher in Calvinist theology! It's wonderful that you're taking the time to learn about that.