Friday, December 23, 2005

enough work for a lifetime

The other day I read a post by someone that caught my attention. She said that her perfect day involved sleeping in, going to the gym, talking on the phone, and watching Gilmore Girls. An easy day maybe, but not a perfect day.

Why? No work. Just play days are fun once in while, but tend to turn into (at least for me) a very long day of doing what I want, feeling discontent and unfulfilled. Therefore, I believe that a perfect day consists of: a completely productive work day with plenty of work, lots of loving people who are kind to me, an evening cooking goodies to eat, and maybe watching a late night romance/comedy.

I believe that work is essential to feeling fulfilled in life. For me, I believe that I am most fulfilled when I am trusting God, giving and taking love from those around me, and accomplishing a lot of work.

Adults spend most of their time working, and especially for a husband, working and providing for the family is an important task. Someone I know from school once said he didn’t want to get a job. I just didn’t understand. I wonder where that frame of mind, that working is drudgery, comes from. Habit? Laziness? Family influences?

People talk about not having enough time, and I often agree. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed. I don’t see that as the perfect status quo. However, being able to go to work, accomplish a lot and serve others, has its own reward. It’s a joy to come home from a long work day and know that you were needed. I have felt most fulfilled in my work when I was able to serve others, handle problems and challenges, and do it all quickly and competently.

I know that many people in this world hate their jobs, and that in other countries, people are stuck in jobs that are truly drudge work. But in America, there are many job opportunities available, and I look forward to spending many more years working.

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Lindsey said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. When I'm just totally lazy, my day feels... wrong. Some people I know can just hang out and do nothing all the time, but I think I'd be miserable. Though all my schoolwork is not often what I'd classify as "fun", when I complete it I feel really satisfied, and pleased. Great post!