Friday, December 30, 2005

NSA wiretapping

Ever since a leak revealed that the NSA had been eavesdropping on American citizens, the media has scrutinized President Bush to death. Was it legal? Did he have the authority to do so? A recent Townhall column asked why the media focused so heavily on President Bush, and ignored the leak itself. It’s a crime to leak classified information.

The media’s ‘righteous’ indignation over Bush’s authorization of wiretaps (a legal and not uncommon move for the president) holds the underlying assumption that the media, and Americans, have the right to know.

While some disclosure is necessary and appropriate, Americans don’t need to know everything. That’s why certain information is classified. It’s not for all eyes. It seems to me that the MSM wants to pretend to be god, and sees it as their duty to know everything, reveal some things, and lie about the rest.

There’s a good reason why the president is called Commander-in-Chief. There’s a good reason why the media is only public relations.

I don’t suppose it has occurred to the MSM that the president might actually be qualified for the job. It didn’t occur to them that America’s founding fathers established checks and balances to fight corruption.

The MSM always thinks they know better. It’s like a party they didn’t get invited to—they still want to spy through the windows and find a way to bash the party.

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