Monday, September 04, 2006


I turned over a couple of jewels in my blog surfing today on the subject of chivalry. Hannah Beth of Beauty from the Heart wrote a post titled "Chivalry is Dead"...a Commentary." She uses a teacup analogy which I would encourage you to read. Krista, from Musings of a Lady, posted a link to an inspiring story about ladies.

These two posts reminded me of a policy here at my college. During orientation evening, we were informed that girls could pick up a safety whistle at the student life office. Girls were warned to blow the whistle only in an emergency. Guys were told that they were expected to come running and protect the ladies here if they heard a whistle blowing.

I was impressed by this public expectation that guys would protect the ladies around them, but I've also been struck by the care the guys here take to open doors for girls.

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Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

That is an excellent policy at your school. Chivalry isn't dead everywhere...just in most places.