Friday, September 01, 2006

MySpace is Everyone'sSpace

At chapel this morning, our student body received an interesting annoucement. Last year, MySpace and Facebook were banned on campus. This year they've decided to unban both, but with a little catch. Apparently the college has everyone's MySpace on file and during every chapel, they will put some random MySpace up on the projector screen.

Although I don't think MySpace or any space for that matter is inherently evil, I do see a lot more objectional material there. I have a feeling everyone will be updating their MySpaces today. Even if the content isn't bad, it could be personal.

Our campus pastor said that the purpose of this measure was to hold everyone accountable.

What do you think about this decision? Should this be left up to the students? Should the college be monitoring this?


Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

I am not sure if I agree about putting it up on the projector in chapel or not, but hopefully they will get their desired results. It is open to the World Wide Web, so I guess anyone can put it on display if they want. You are right. There are probably a lot of people scrambling to a computer!


k.smith - MA- said...

I think accountability is rare at this point in history for our culture. As God has been ushered out of our "mainstream", the concept of accountability accompanied Him. I have 4 children and homeschool them. The teens are allowed to have a myspace page, with the understanding that I randomly read it (and the pages of their friends). There is some accountability there. I also periodically speak with my friends (most are parents)and opine that if they were to check out the myspace pages of young people they love, they may be surprised! Parents should be accountable too. The college authorities are just reminding us that we each have an account in heaven.